Whoa! First post:

Hi friends, this page is for the persons who passionate electronics. This is for beginners and  for those ,who really need to know about electronics.

So, What is electronics ?:

Electronics deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and associated passive interconnection technologies. The nonlinear behavior of active components and their ability to control electron flows makes amplification of weak signals possible and electronics is widely used in information processing, telecommunications, and signal processing. The ability of electronic devices to act as switches makes digital information processing possible. Interconnection technologies such as circuit boards, electronics packaging technology, and other varied forms of communication infrastructure complete circuit functionality and transform the mixed components into a regular working system.

Usually Electronics is basically divided into two major  branches

                                                                    Analog  circuits

                                                                    Digital Circuits

To do best things out of electronics ,use should familiar with these circuits.

If you are an electronics engineer or the one who know about electronics,don’t waste time and start to rock on electronics.

To beginners, go through the small description about basics of electronics.

For suggestion and clarification,leave your comment.


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